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October 10-27, 2019

The Swan Theatre, Santa Fe, NM
Directed by Jessica Hanna

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Special talkback following the October 20th performance, featuring Michelle Kholos Brooks and Barbara Timm, the inspiration for “Hostage.”

Check out the feature in the Albuquerque Journal about this production!

Podcast Interview for - listen HERE

War Words

December 2019, Pacific Resident Theatre
Dates TBA

War Words consists of true stories based on interviews with combat veterans and active duty military personnel that have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The stories are developed into monologues and will be delivered on stage by well-known actors. The goal of this project is to give the general public a more intimate view into the experience of the men and women who serve and therefore have a more personal investment into how and when our military people are sent off to fight for our interests.

War Words gives us the opportunity to hear why these men and women join up, their particular experiences overseas, their returns home and, perhaps most importantly, what they understand and want to translate to the rest of us who sit at home and say, “We support our troops,” with incredible ease but without truly understanding what that means.

War Words is being produced with support from the Atlantic Council.

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Hitler’s Tasters

February 20, 2020

Theatre Midwest
Location TBA, Des Moines

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Hitler’s Tasters

May 2020

WomensWork Theatre
50 Rolfe Street
Cranston, Rhode Island 02910

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