Family Planning


Finalist for the Reva Shiner Comedy Award, Bloomington Playwright’s Project

First comes love, then comes marriage, then your parents move in.

Diane and Larry have been divorced for about fifteen years. When they lose their second spouses and most of their finances, both of them are forced to move in with their daughter Sidney and her husband Michael, who are trying to start a family of their own. Family Planning explores the comedy and the drama that ensues when family members are packed into the same small space and actually forced to behave like a functional family.


WORLD PREMIERE: August 10, 2014
Colony Theatre, Burbank, California
directed by Cameron Watson

September. 20 - October 7, 2012
Pacific Resident Theater, Venice, CA
directed by Michael Rothhaar

Entertaining ...Brilliant!
— BroadwayWorld
Michelle Kholos Brooks has crafted a first-rate romantic comedy, firmly anchored in real-life, with a sober undertone beneath the bright and sparkling dialogue.