Hitler’s Tasters


2017 Women Playwrights Series, Susan Glaspell Award
Best of the Fringe, The Stage UK
Sold Out Run, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

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Three times a day, every day, a group of young women have the opportunity to die for their country. They are Adolph Hitler's food tasters. And what do girls discuss as they wait to see if they will live through another meal? Like all girls, throughout time, they gossip and dream, they question and dance. They want to love, laugh, and above all, they want to survive.

Winner of the 2017 Susan Glaspell award, named 'Best of the Fringe' by The Stage and a 2019 Sell-Out Show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Hitler’s Tasters is a dark comedy about the young German women who had the “honour” of being chosen as Adolf Hitler’s food tasters. Based on true events in history, with shades of 2019, Hitler’s Tasters explores the way girls navigate sexuality, patriotism and poison against the backdrop of war.

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WORLD PREMIERE: April 6-22, 2018
Centenary Stage Company, Hackettstown, NJ
directed by Sarah Norris

October 5-27, 2018
IRT Theater, New York, NY
directed by Sarah Norris
produced by New Light Theater Project

July 5-14, 2019
North Shore Center for the Performing Arts, Skokie, IL
directed by Sarah Norris
produced by Orchard Street Productions &
New Light Theater Project

July 23 & 25, 2019
59E59 Theaters, New York, NY
directed by Sarah Norris

August 2 - 24, 2019
Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Greenside @ Infirmary Street, Olive Studio
Edinburgh, Scotland
directed by Sarah Norris


September 2016
Pacific Resident Theatre, Venice, CA
directed by Michelle Kholos Brooks

November 2016
Geffen Playhouse, Los Angeles, CA
directed by Michelle Kholos Brooks

April 2017
Wordsmyth Theatre, Houston, TX

April 2017
Centenary Stage Company, Hackettstown, NJ
directed by Sarah Norris

July 2017
The Boston Court, Pasadena, CA
directed by Michael Michetti

September 23, 2019
Banned Together: A Censorship Cabaret
Alley Theatre, Houston, TX

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