To access Michelle’s short plays, please send an inquiry on the contact page.

Allergic to Walnuts

An awkward older couple declare their love for each other and, in the course of conversation, discover that it's their first time being loved. 

Allergy Shot

An aspiring actress and an older, jaded actress meet in the waiting room of an allergist's office. The younger actress is faced with the uncomfortable reality of the life she may face in the future. 


A young, smart Puerto Rican woman and an older, Anglo, incarcerated serial killer explore a romance after meeting on-line. 


A high-powered business woman and a New York City cab driver argue like a married couple. In the course of their argument they discover that both of them feel that their real marriages are in jeopardy. 

Famous in Luxembourg

A mother is incapable of giving up her dreams of stage and screen fame for her adult daughters--including the one that’s a neurosurgeon.

Hanukkah: A Christmas Story

Santa, Rudolph and the elves plan a hostile takeover of Hanukkah.

Nothing for you Here

In a world without regulations, a wealthy couple redefines the meaning of, “You can’t take it with you.”


A mother is told by her son's preschool teachers that her son is different from the other kids. She must decide if she is going to change her child based on the ludicrous recommendations they offer to help her son fit in. 

Tiny Pony

A blue blood couple rediscovers their love for each other while waiting for their miniature pony to mature.